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Nepali Movie PAL 2015

Nepali Movie PAL 2015


Nepali Movie PAL 2015


Raj ballav Koirala is a well known Nepali actor known from his first film Parkhi Base. since then he has played various remarkable movies like Masan, Apabad and recently to the Hollywood movie Highway to Dhampus. He also worked for the radio as RJ since 2000. Then he joined the Oscar collage of film studies. He completed his course and started acting. Nepali Movie PAL 2015 , Nepali Movie PAL 2015 

Raj Ballav Koirala, one of the most talented actors that Nepali film industry has ever seen, was born on August 31, 1982. Coming a long way ahead with his career milestones as a radio host and music videos model, he has turned out attain a huge success in film genre. Parkhi Basen (2008), a 100 days blockbuster established him as a noticeable and potential actor in the industry. He received best debutant actor award at the prestigious KTV film awards for the very film. Nepali Movie PAL 2015 

Raj Ballav is continuing his successive run with hits, super hits and mega hits proving him as one of the most celebrated actors of younger generation. More than 20 films to his credit, Raj Ballav has completed five prospering years in the industry. He justifies commitment to the quality of art by working in a film at a time. Apabad, his latest film has taken the film industry to the new era cashing his splendid performance.

Un-disclosed passion for poetry incites him to write exceptional lines and verses that define his own innermost spirits and inspire him to live life by the notion of “You’re born free”.

Actors like Haribansh Acharya, Nir Shah, Naseeruddin Shaha, Om Puri, Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington and Leonardo Dicaprio are his acting idols. Nepali Movie PAL 2015 

Raj Ballav Koirala was born in August 31, 1982 and is popular Nepali film actor.

Raj Ballav Koirala began his career as a radio host, before moving into music videos, modeling, and acting. He starred in the Nepali feature film Parkhi Basen, which ran successfully for more than 100 days in the cinema. It was honored with a massive 100-day celebration on August 8, 2008. In October 2008, he received the award for Best Debut Actor (Male) at the prestigious KTV Film Awards, organized by the Nepal Film Technician Association.

Nisha Adhikari Born on 4th October 1986, a true Libran, describes herself as outgoing, optimistic and a workaholic. Nisha Adhikari is really Beautiful and looking So Cute with her “kothi” and her millions Smile. Her Height is 5’45’’, Weight is 50 kg and she have such an Adorable Smile and meaningless Beauties. She Loves Her Families Mom Dad, Dada, Dabbu (her Pet dog). She  Completed “A” level and Started VJ- MC Professional at 2006 January. Her First Program is Nine to Nine then she did Indi mini Bag, Count Down Kantipur, Play it on and Some More! She is the VJ herself but she love to watch News, Different Channels, Musical Nepali Programs as her Favourite Programs. Starts her busy day planning work: who all she has to meet and what all she has to do. But While She is Free and Got Time From Programs and Suiting then She Just Love to Read the Books, hang with Her Best Close Friends, Spend time with Families and Shopping as well as. She is the really Frank and Loving girl. Nepali Movie PAL 2015 

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